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Our Enterprise Solutions

The experts at EQ-ON allows businesses to automate their systems. With our expertise, you will be able to focus your attention on your core business while we take care of the internal processes and systemize them to meet your business goals. These automated systems will help you make your business agile and modern. Our advanced IT solutions can be integrated into your current system to make it work glitch-free.


Solutions by Type

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Collaboration and communication platforms

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Customer Portal, Intranet, Extranet

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Document Management and Information architecture (ECM)

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e-Form and workflow (BPMS)

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Migration to cloud, implementing cloud-based solutions

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Digital transformation solutions


Technology Experts by Your Side

Our team of experts work constantly to learn new skills and become accustomed to new programs and technology. We have firm grasp of technologies including but not limited to the following

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Office 365

Dynamic CRM and Dynamic AX

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Front-end and JavaScript frameworks

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Mobile and app development

In addition to expertise in these technologies, we also offer software solution architects, project managers remotely and business analysts locally or remotely. They ensure that the project development and completion run smoothly. They also check the programs for clean coding standards and the application of best industry practices.

Interested in Our Dedicated Staff Provisioning Service

Follow these steps:

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Tell us about the skills, expertise, and qualifications you need.

We help you find the perfect match.

Begin working with them as soon as the process is completed.

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Make them a part of your team.

Interested in Building Your Dream Team?

Looking for experts to add to your team of developers?

We’ve got you covered.

At EQ-On, we have numerous talented and highly qualified mid and senior level developers. You can hire them easily and make them as part of your team. This can help you set up your team quickly for your projects. Moreover, we are highly experienced in managing software development projects. Thus, we can ensure that your team performs effectively every single day and gets the work done in time and at the highest standards.

Industry-Based Solutions

We offer software development solutions for the following industries:

We offer software development solutions for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a website, a mobile app, a custom web application, or even a PoC, MVP, prototype etc. We can help you implement your ideas and bring them to reality in affordable rates. We offer discounted rate to start-ups as compared to our normal pricing. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for the same job that our experts can do in much less.

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Our software solutions are also highly effective for the IT directors and CIOs of SMB companies that are looking for digital transformation of their business. We also offer document management, business process automation and e-form development. We also help you migrate your data to the cloud in a cost-effective manner. Whether you want to start from scratch or want to integrate it into your current systems, our experts will take care of it all.

SMB Companies

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We also offer our dedicated developer to the recruiters looking for highly experienced and expert technical talents but have a limited budget for the position. Our experts have years of experience working in software development and can help you with the job. We are sure you will come back to us for more because of our highly skilled and professional team of experts.


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Whether you are expanding your current development team, or are looking for a reliable offshore development team to outsource software development, you can rely on us. You can also outsource specific client’s projects to us. With our expert team, you will be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Our developers can easily adopt to your team’s culture and will ensure that the job gets done beyond client expectations.

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IT Consulting or Software Development Companies

Get in touch with us today at sales@eq-on.com.au to get started.


Pricing Models

We offer three pricing models, based on the kind of project and the specific time and resources needs.

Project Based Fixed Price Contract

Agile Contract

Monthly Contract

You can sign a monthly contract with us under which our developers will work full-time for you, just as your employees.

This gives you complete control over how they work and the tasks you assign to them. Also you could use our PM services to manage those remote resources.

The only difference they have rather than your local employees is the time-zone. Of course you save the cost of their superannuation and your office space.

This contract is based on the time and resources you require from us and is priced accordingly.

The scope of the project is discussed, details explained, schedules determined, and resources needed for project completion are allocated.

Clients are at a liberty to modify their requirements and/or add new functionalities to their project at any time.

Our team will work on the tasks prioritized by the client and deliver code continuously to the client.

A bill for the time and resources consumed is issued each month to the client.

The client provides us specific project requirements that are either documented by their business analyst or ours.

The deliverables are determined as well as the work schedule, the acceptance criteria and the budget of the project.

The client may change the project requirements or add more deliverables any time, but they will be charged extra for it.

Changes are managed through our change management process.