SharePoint online Tiles web part (Promoted links web part) for Modern pages

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

If you’re struggling to use tiles in SharePoint online on Microsoft Office 365 then SharePoint online Tiles webpart (Promoted links web part) for Modern pages will help you.

Also, there are 7 reasons here to migrate to SharePoint online:

You can’t keep up with everything Microsoft is releasing. You find it hard to find Microsoft experts on other non-dedicated sites. There are just too many other subjects covered.

Problem: There is no out of the box (OOTB) webpart for "Promoted links" or "Tiles" webpart on SharePoint online modern UI pages (aka new experience). Many of companies build their intranet and heavily use that one since it will highlight important area in SharePoint so use can easily find them. Hero webpart will take huge space and users have to choose its existing option.  Quick links webpart is also not a flexible option for intranet and doesn't have much option such as hove over.


We have made a custom SPFx webpart that is not only providing all the feature of old Promoted link webpart but also have below feature - configurable number of tiles in each row - having different background color on each tiles - allowing different height - ordering - open in new tab or existing

That is working well on SharePoint online.

Special Offer: First 5 clients (early adopters) will receive 40% off and can buy it only for 149 USD (pricing will increase to 249 USD after receiving the first 5 requests instantly).

Included : The price is including support for installing tiles webpart in your tenant. Creating a list and designing custom icon is not included so client should do it by themselves. Also if you need any extra feature, we can change web part with an extra cost based on your need.

Deliverable: The packaged webpart to deploy in your environment. Deployment can be done by client or us. In case we are doing it, we require an admin permission to deploy solution into your environment.

Extra: We will charge extra for applying any customization on the the promoted links web part as you request. You will receive it as you can see in the attached images.   We can also help you to setup your home page of your intranet using this webpart but we will charge extra for that as well. 

How does it work and what about payment?

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What if we need to add extra’s to the job after I’ve started?

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