Here is what we take as our key to success.

At EQ-ON, our main aim is to meet the needs of our clients. We make sure to understand the business needs of our clients and help them accomplish their goals through meeting their requirements and addressing their software specifications. We guarantee a timely delivery of our projects in a budget friendly manner and ensure they are a success. Classic methodologies we use include RUP and MSF. Modern agile approaches we use are Scrum, XP, RAD.

Methodology-Based Solutions

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At EQ-ON, there is no compromise on the quality of deliverables. Therefore, we pay close attention to code review and unit testing. We have a quality first mindset and ensure our clients are delivered nothing less than the best quality work. We have a developer rating system that helps our clients know who they are working with. In addition to it, continuous integration and continuous delivery allow us to complete our projects on a positive note.

Quality Management

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As the first step towards any project, we define the scope of the project accurately in addition to running a risk analysis and project estimates. This provides us a clear and comprehensive list of tasks and WBS. We also finalize the user requirements, pre-defined acceptance criteria and the pre-requisites before we start working on the project.

Accurate Project Scoping

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Our project management function is not just limited to managing the project. In fact, we include issue management related to cultural differences, technical problems, communication and infrastructure problems under a comprehensive check as well. Periodic updates on the progress of the project are provided to the client.

Project Management

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Communication is the key to the success of any project. We make use of fast, convenient and safe communication tools to ensure there is no lack of communication between our offshore software development  team and the client. Daily stand-up meetings allow us to get timely updates on how the project is progressing and help us make decisions if needed.

Communication Management

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We believe relationship management is very important when it comes to the success of any project. Therefore, we have a clear definition of roles and responsibilities for each team member. In addition, we also take into account client feedback, visible task management platform, documenting deliverable, code repository, retrospectives session, transferring right for IP and product to ensure the success of the project.

Relationship Management

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We have a fair system of dealing with any changes in the scope of the project. While other software teams might end up in disputes on these instance, we make sure the changes are incorporated, given the clients show mutual understanding to our needs and give us extra time and budget to incorporate these into the project.

Change Management

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To make sure the project of our clients does not suffer under any circumstances, we are very careful about HR functions as well. We take care of leave visibility, retention of staff and knowledge transfer. We are also very careful about replacement resource in case the primary resource cannot continue working on the project for any reason.

HR Management

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Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-based. We believe in SMART goals and a smart approach to reach our goals. This helps us set a clear goal for the project and achieve them effectively. The clients get what they needed in their time and budget constraints.


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