Digital Transformation - less talking, more doing with Office 365

Do you want to maximise your existing investment with Office 365?

Have you moved to Office 365 and feel overwhelmed with the 20+ apps? Do you understand how to apply its features to your day-to-day business operation and how these tools help you to improve your business?

Do you suffer from maintaining multiple SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 environments? Do you wish to migrate documents to SharePoint online or emails to Office 365 but not confident about it?

Are you working in an industry that relies heavily on paperwork such as estate agency, finance, medical research, law or healthcare? Do you need a paperless solution tailored to your business?

Do your users store data via different none-governed cloud storage including Dropbox, Box and Google drive? Are there concerns about the potential risk of data leakage or other vulnerabilities since this becomes a habit? The risk is increasing as your business grows!

A study by Osterman Research from 2017 shows that among the organisations that deploy Office 365, 70% believe that Office 365 requires some sort of additional product or service to help it realise its full potential.


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Do you only use the email feature on office 365 and want to switch to the advance-mode? This gives you benefits such as an impressive Intranet, document management solution, contract management solution, mobile solution and work order management.

Did you know that still 20% of employees' time waste on finding the relevant document to accomplish their job? That is the equivalent to one day per week! In reality, this means if a business hires 5 employees, only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for documents. Yet you still do not have a unified data repository and enterprise search centre to speed it up.

Have you heard about Power Platform (Combining PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI, and SharePoint)? Did you know that in 2020 Skype will be replaced by MS Teams?​

Research shows that most companies are not taking advantage of all the features offered by office 365! This is mostly because they are unaware that the capabilities exist.

Shahram Vafadar

SharePoint & Office 365 Expert, Consultant


In this webinar we will hear from Shahram, our 15 years experienced speaker, explaining how we can better communicate, collaborate and improve productivity using Office 365 platform and allow more work to be done. We will show some hidden features of office 365 regarding document management, business process automation and mobility including some real business case scenarios. In addition, there will be some tips for those who are planning to migrate or recently migrated to Office 365.


The live demo includes:

∙       Modern Workplace, Key Elements of digital transformation

∙       Office 365 apps and their application and how they fit in your business

∙       Real case studies and solutions on SharePoint, Power Platform and Office 365


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